La inteligencia artificial conduce a Dios

Alan Perlis: “Un año investigando la inteligencia artificial es suficiente para comenzar a creer en Dios”. Alan Perlis (Pittsburgh, 1922 – Connecticut, 1990) Alma máter Universidad Carnegie Mellon Catedrático de Ciencias de la Computación Doctor en matemáticas por el Instituto Tecnológico de Massachusetts (MIT) Presidente de la Asociación para la Maquinaria Computacional (ACM) de 1962-64. Director del Departamento de Ciencias …

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The Architect of all these things

Mikołaj Kopernik: “Who lives in intimate contact with the most consummate order and divine wisdom, will not feel stimulated to the most sublime aspirations? Who will not adore? to the Architect of all these things? ” Nicolás Copernicico (Toruń, Prussia, 1473 – Frombork, Prussia, 1543) Polish-Prussian scientist. Mathematician, astronomer, jurist and physicist. He formulated the heliocentric theory of the solar …

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An intelligent creator behind human DNA

John Lennox: “If we found A word written in the sand on the beach, the immediate impression is to recognize the work of an intelligent agent. How much more likely, therefore, that there is an intelligent creator behind human DNA, a colossal biological database which contains not less than three billion letters?” Are we not more than molecules? “The new …

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A Being that had the intention to create beings like us

Stephen Hawking: “It would be very difficult to explain why the universe must have started just like this the Big Bang, except for the act of a Being who had the intention of creating beings like us” “The laws of science, as we know them today, contain many fundamental numbers, such as the value of the electric charge of the …

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