An intelligent creator behind human DNA

John Lennox: “If we found A word written in the sand on the beach, the immediate impression is to recognize the work of an intelligent agent. How much more likely, therefore, that there is an intelligent creator behind human DNA, a colossal biological database which contains not less than three billion letters?” Are we not more than molecules? “The new …

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Gambling and selection?

Manuel Alfonseca: “Let’s consider this thought experiment. I work in the field of artificial life, and I use genetic algorithms and natural selection to simulate evolution in my simulated worlds. Let’s suppose that one day I get intelligent beings to appear in my programs. Applying the Dawkins argument (The probability of God is very small, because we have no proof …

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New 100 Spaniards and God

Mariano Artigas: Commenting on the book by José Maria Gironella “…the interviewees who are scientists or have studied science they do not see any opposition between science and religion, and that, on the contrary, those who think that opposition exists are people who, although educated, have not dedicated themselves to science. … …among people with an important social impact, those …

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