David Gelernter, prestigioso profesor de la Universidad de Yale, abandona el darwinismo

El Darwinismo es una teoría atractiva y muy ingeniosa. Pero ¿podemos estar seguros de su veracidad? Cada día, un número mayor de investigadores y científicos se manifiestan públicamente proclamando que esta teoría ha fallado. Pero, ¿el Darwinismo ha fallado realmente? David Gelernter, prestigioso profesor de la Universidad de Yale, ha publicado recientemente un artículo, «Giving […]

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Unfortunately, we made mistakes. We have made a conclusion based on incomplete, inaccurate data on life and the universe

Marcos N. Eberlin: Question of Dr. Augustus Nicodemus Lopes: Why, despite all these discoveries of Science, the theory still prevails in the Academy that life had a spontaneous origin, if its complexity is clear ? I believe, Augustus, It was because of a pact, a position we assumed 150 years ago. When Darwin proposed his […]

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Exist ‘something great’ that makes it possible for a living body to maintain its life

Kazuo Murakami: “People casually speak of life, saying ‘I am living’. However, nobody on earth lives solely by their own capability. I have been studying the research done to decode the human genetic code. I was fascinated by the splendid technology that enabled us to do this research. However, one day I became aware of […]

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