An intelligent creator behind human DNA

John Lennox:

“If we found A word written in the sand on the beach, the immediate impression is to recognize the work of an intelligent agent. How much more likely, therefore, that there is an intelligent creator behind human DNA, a colossal biological database which contains not less than three billion letters?”

Are we not more than molecules?

The new atheists they want us to believe that we are nothing more than a random collection of molecules, the final product of a process without a guide. This, if true, would undermine the rationality we need to study Science. If the brain were actually the result of a process without guidance, then there is no reason to believe in your ability to tell us the truth”.

The more science, the more faith in God

“The more I understand Science, more I believe in God because of the wonder of the amplitude, sophistication and integrity of his creation”.

Believing in God is an act of intelligence

“Do not fall in the false idea that you can not be an intelligent person and still believe in the existence of God. Atheism is the true deception“.

Did science bury God?

Youtube Channel: RZ Foundation for the dialogue between faith and culture
Posted on Jan 25 2017

Conference of John Lennox at the Ateneo de Madrid. 300 people attended the event on May 11, 2016. Lennox is a professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and a world-renowned lecturer. The subtitled video includes the complete speech and the question time.

John Lennox: Shooting against God (conference at the University of Barcelona)

Youtube Channel: RZ Foundation for the dialogue between faith and culture
Posted on Jul 14 2016

Conference by John C. Lennox. (original in English, translated into strongish live).

God, universe and evolution – Interview with John Lennox

Youtube Channel: jbscorpion
Posted on Jan 8 2012

Interview with John C. Lennox (original in English, subtitled in strongish).

Dr John Lennox. A Origem da Vida e os Novos Ateus

Youtube Channel: André Oliveira
Posted on Feb 2 2013

Interview with John C. Lennox (original in English, simultaneous translation in Portuguese).

John Lennox
(Northern Ireland, 1943)
Philosopher of Science, mathematician, lecturer, disseminator and English writer
Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford
Associated with Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford.
He studied at the University of Cambridge, where he obtained master’s and doctoral degrees.
He was a reader in Pure Mathematics at the University of Wales, where he was awarded a decoration.
He held the Alexander von Humboldt chair at the universities of Würzburg and Freiburg in Germany.
He has published more than 70 articles on Algebra (Group Theory) and is co-author of two research monographs in the Oxford Mathematical Monographs, The Theory of Subnormal Groups (with SE Stonehewer) in 1987 and The Theory of In fi nite Soluble Groups (with DJS Robinson) in 2004.
He also has a Master in Bioethics.
Author of Hunting for God. A critique of the new atheism , 2011.


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