Who this space is aimed

  • 1 July, 2017

To whom this space is NOT directed

“I’m a convinced believer.”
If you already believe in God, you do not need to spend time reading this blog because you do not need it. Thank God for the faith he has given you and apply to serve him with joy, according to the faith you have received and the doctrine that seems most appropriate for you to approach God. Pray always and let yourself be guided by Him in all the things of your life.

“I’m a convinced atheist.”
We also recommend you not to waste time reading this blog and, much less, to make comments or try to convince us or our readers that God does not exist. We respect you and we ask you, please, that you also respect us. Faith is not discussed or imposed. It is a personal and non-transferable option. In the same way the “not faith”.

To whom this space IS directed

“I’m a believer but I have my doubts.”
This space can be interesting to you. The claim of certain (widespread) propaganda that faith is something backward that can not be compatible with science, may be damaging your faith. And that belief is not scientific nor has any basis in true science (beyond unproven theories). Here you will find arguments from many scientists who can help you.

“I’m a believer but I’m interested in knowing more about science and faith.”
If you want to have arguments that can help you defend your faith in more intellectual means or to converse with people who doubt, you are in a good place. If, in addition, you want to contribute your knowledge to suggest new texts, go ahead. God bless you, you are welcome. You can send us your suggestion here.

“I’m not a believer but I have some doubts.”
Perhaps you may be interested in knowing the texts of many scientists who have contributed their experience about the existence of God. From positions of little suspicion of ignorance or fanaticism they can give you valuable points of view.

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