Gambling and selection?

Manuel Alfonseca:

“Let’s consider this thought experiment. I work in the field of artificial life, and I use genetic algorithms and natural selection to simulate evolution in my simulated worlds. Let’s suppose that one day I get intelligent beings to appear in my programs. Applying the Dawkins argument (The probability of God is very small, because we have no proof of its existence), those beings could say: ‘The evolution of life in our world is based on chance and natural selection. Then it is likely that Manuel Alfonseca does not exist. It is the same argument, but in that case the conclusion is obviously false. Ergo…”

Dawkins: “On the origin of the Universe … we can also speculate that, or, the Universe has not had a beginning for which the existence of God is irrelevant…”

Manuel Alfonseca
(Madrid, Spain, 1946)
Telecommunications engineer, disseminator and novelist.
Professor at the Complutense University (he is currently an honorary professor).
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