That God created the universe is scientifically plausible

Robert Jastrow:

“Now we see how the astronomical evidence leads to a biblical view of the origin of the world. The details differ, but the essential elements of the astronomical account and the Biblical account of Genesis are the same: the chain of events that culminated in man began suddenly and abruptly at a certain definite moment in time, with an explosion of light and energy.

Theologians are delighted by the fact that astronomical evidence leads to a Biblical view of Genesis … But a curious fact is that astronomers are upset.

Given such evidence, the idea that there is a God who created the universe is, from the scientific point of view , as plausible as are many other ideas.

Consider the magnitude of the problem. Science has proven that the Universe came into existence by an explosion that took place at a certain time. Question: What cause produced this effect? Who or what put matter and energy in the Universe?

There is a certain kind of religion in science. This religious faith of the scientist is desecrated by the discovery that the world had a beginning .

The essence of these strange discoveries is that the Universe had, in some sense, a beginning … that began at a certain point in time. ”

Source: God and the Astronomers , by Robert Jastrow, 1978, p. 11

“The way these scientists react provides an interesting demonstration of how the scientific mind — supposedly a very objective mind — responds when the evidence discovered by science itself leads to a conflict with the ‘articles of faith’ of our profession. It turns out that the scientist behaves the way the rest of us behave when our beliefs conflict with the evidence. We get irritated, we pretend that the conflict doesn’t exist, or we try to hide the true meaning of the evidence with empty words. ”

“The astronomical test of a Principle places scientists in an embarrassing position , since they believe that each effect has a natural cause […] British astronomer EA Milne wrote: ‘We cannot make conjectures about the state of affairs [in the Principle]; in the divine act of Creation God is neither observed nor has witnesses’ ”

Source: The magic loom. The human brain and the computer.

“For the scientist who has lived basing his faith on the power of reason, history ends as a bad dream. He has climbed the mountains of ignorance, < / strong> and he is about to conquer the last summit, he stretches to win the final rock … and upon reaching the top he is greeted by a handful of theologians who have I’ve been sitting there for centuries. “

Verifiable source at: Wikiquote: Robert Jastrow

The Big Bang leads to a biblical view of the origin of the world

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Posted Jun 30 2012

In this video Robert Jastrow argues that knowing that the universe had a beginning is scientific evidence of the existence of God.

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Robert Jastrow
(New York, USA, 1925 – Virginia, USA, 2008)
He considered himself an agnostic, but he understood that the advances in science, mainly the fact that the universe had a beginning, leave room for the existence of God.
He has been considered one of the best astrophysicists of the century xx .
He worked in the field of astronomy, geology, and cosmology.
Professor of Astronomy and Geology at Columbia University.
Founder and Director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Research
Director Emeritus of the Mount Wilson Observatory
PhD in theoretical physics.

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