Nature has perfections to prove that it is God’s image and imperfections to prove that it is only an image

Blaise Pascal:

“I prefer to mistake believing in a God that does not exist, than make a mistake not believing in a God that exists. I will never know anything, when I sink into eternal nothingness, but if there is something, if there is someone, I will have to face for my attitude of rejection. ”

“Faith says what the senses do not say, but not the opposite of what they see, it is above of them but not against them. ”

“I only know two types of reasonable people: those who love God with all their hearts because they know him, and those who seek him with all their heart because they do not know him.”

“There are only two classes of coherent people: those who enjoy God because they believe in him and those who suffer because they do not possess him.”

“All things conceal some mystery, all things are veils that conceal God.”

“Nature has perfections to prove that it is God’s image and imperfections to prove that it is only an image.”

“We do not know God except through Jesus Christ, which is why I refuse all other religions… Every man can do what Muhammad has done, because he has not done miracles; has not been predicte. No one can do what Jesus Christ has done. ”

“The greatness of a man consists in knowing how to recognize his own smallness.”

“After all, what is man in nature? Nothing, in relation to infinity; all, in relation to nothingness, a central point between nothing and everything and infinitely far from understanding the difference between these two postures. ”

“Two extremes: exclude reason and admit no more than reason.”

“By dint of talking about love, you get to fall in love, nothing so easy, this is the most natural passion of man.”

“Mocking philosophy is already philosophizing.”

“When you do not love yourself too much, you do not love yourself enough.”

“When someone complain about their work, it’s had better does not do it.”

“The more talent a man has, the more inclined he is to believe in someone else.”

“Description of man: dependence, desire for independence, need.”

“Man is always willing to deny everything he does not understand.”

“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.”

“Conscience is the best moral book we have.”

“Happiness is a wonderful article: the more you give, more you have it.”

“Truth is useful to those who listen to it, but disadvantageous to those who say it, because it makes it hateful.”

“The last thing you know is where to start.”

“The opposite attract themself”

“It is not true that everything is uncertain.”

“We console ourselves with small things because they are trifles that afflict us.”

“Usually, we are better persuaded by the reasons one has found for oneself than those found by others.”

Thoughts no. 729, 600 and 403 by Blaise Pascal
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Blaise Pascal
(Clermont-Ferrand, 1623 – Paris, 1662)
Polymath, mathematician, physicist, philosopher and writer.
His contributions to mathematics and natural history include the design and construction of mechanical calculators, contributions to the theory of probability, research on fluids and the clarification of concepts such as pressure and vacuum. After a profound religious experience in 1654, Pascal also devoted himself to philosophy and theology.

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