The celestial machine can be compared to a clockwork gear

Johannes Kepler:

“My intention is to demonstrate that the celestial machine can be compared not to a divine organism but rather to a clockwork gear… Since almost all the multiple movements are executed by means of a single very simple magnetic force, such as the case of a clock in which all the movements are produced by a simple weight.

In reference to the search for some fundamental cause on the kinematics of the Solar System.

Let my name perish!

“Let my name perish if only with it the name of God, the father, is therefore exalted”

Knowledge of the phenomena of Nature is the nourishment of the human mind

“We do not ask ourselves what useful purpose there is in the sing of birds, singing is their desire since were created to sing. Likewise, we should not wonder why the human mind cares to penetrate the secrets of the skies… The diversity of the phenomena of Nature is so great and the treasures that contain in the skies are so rich, enough to in man`s mind never lack its basic food. ”

Mysterium Cosmographicum. From stella nova, Mysterium Cosmographicum [The Cosmic Mystery] by Johannes Kepler. Max Caspar. C.H. Beck, Munchen. 1938/1993, ISBN 3-406-01639-1.

Kepler’s Laws

Kepler’s First Law

A planet (P) moves following an ellipse with the Sun (S) in one of the two focus.

Kepler’s Second Law

The position vector of a planet relative to the sun sweeps equal areas in equal times.

Kepler’s Third Law, or harmonic law

The squares of the periods of the planets (the times needed to complete an orbit) are proportional to the cubes of their average distances to the Sun. ”

Johannes Kepler
(Weil der Stadt, Germany, 1571 – Regensburg, Germany, 1630)
Considered as a key figure in the scientific revolution.
Astronomer and mathematician; known fundamentally for its laws on the movement of the planets in their orbit around the Sun.
He was a collaborator of Tycho Brahe, whom he replaced as imperial mathematician of Rudolph II.

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