Darwin himself facilitated the test that would invalidate his theory in the future

Three points to consider related to evolution:
  1. None of the main steps of evolution has been recapitulated in a laboratory. That means, if we are talking about the no life for life, or the first molecule for the first cell, or a bacterium cell for an animal cell, or a single cell for a multicellular creature, or of jellyfish for something like a dorsal spine, or of a fish that get to live on the land, whatever it may be, none of these great transitions was never recapitulated in any laboratory.
  2. The second thing is that evolution happens very slowly to be able to observe it, by the evolutionist conception itself. Therefore: if we are talking about the essence of evolution which Darwin was really proposing, that humans came from some simian creature we never saw a change in that scale. We are talking about speculation about the past, we are not talking about real observations about the present. All we see are small changes, which form the second big picture of the image to be considered.
  3. And third: Darwin gave a test for evolution. He said that, if we could prove that some complex organ existed that could not be built out there by a successive number of gradual modifications, ‘my Theory would be absolutely ruined’, properly paraphrased. In short he is saying: I am trying to explain all my life, but if someone finds something, some kind, some part of, some kind that can not be built step by step, then my theory is a failure. Activity within a cell, highly interdependent, complex, if you move a component the system collapses… You can not ‘evolve’ the cell, the cell allows all life on the planet. Then, by Darwin’s owns pen, evolution should be rejected.

From the video A auto-refutação de Darwin

Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson is a molecular biologist, PhD from Harvard University. In this video of the Portuguese channel Inteligentista, in less than 2 minutes, exposes vital problems for Darwin’s Theory and how Darwin himself refuted his theory, facilitating a test that could only be done after more than a century since the publication of The Origin of Species.

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Youtube channel: Inteligentista
Posted on Dec 27 2016
Creative Commons Attribution License (allowed reuse)
Nathaniel Jeanson
Molecular biologist and bioinformaticist from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.
PhD from Harvard University. Doctorate in Cellular Biology and Development from Harvard University.

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