How great is God!

How great is God!

André-Marie Ampère:

How great is God!
And our science an insignificance.

“Work with the spirit of prayer. Study the things of this world, it is your duty; but look only with one eye, and the other is fixed in the eternal realities. Deal with the things of this world with one hand. With the other he takes God as a child, he takes hold of his father’s dress … May my soul, from now on, be thus united to God through Jesus Christ”.

Source: André-Marie Ampère in Wikiquote
André-Marie Ampère
(Lyon, 1775 – Marseille, 1836)
Mathematician and French physicist.
He invented the first electric telegraph and, together with François Arago, the electromagnet.
He formulated in 1827 the theory of electromagnetism.

“Hear the wise men, but do it alone with one ear… Let the other be always ready to receive the sweet accents of the voice of your Heavenly Friend“.

From the book Meditation, September 1805

One thought on “How great is God!

  1. En la escuela, cuando estudiamos física llamábamos Ampère (escribíamos A) a la unidad de intensidad de la corriente eléctrica. Creo recordar que el nombre venía del “descubridor” de esa medida básica de la electricidad. Lo que me sorprendió -porqué sinceramente desconocía- es que este científico, el responsable por formular la teoría electromagnética, hubiera escrito estos textos tan explícitos.
    Gracias os doy por este proyecto, porque estáis contribuyendo a clarificar muchas cosas.

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